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What makes art art? Advances in software have made it possible to generate art forms that are unique and inspirational using chance, code, math and algorithms.

Generative design poses interesting questions: Is art still art when the artist doesn't have complete control? Can programmers be artists? What degree of human input and intentionality is required for something to qualify as aesthetic?

Generative design software beautifully represents much that Ludic stand for: digital is everything, the powerful creative opportunities unleashed by human talent working with unique tools, the potential of big data, algorithms and technology to enrich our lives.

Ludic is committed to the unlimited opportunities presented by the digital revolution, which is why our designers in Ludic Design are using generative art to create this season's set of Ludic brochures, proposals and documents. While no two documents will ever look the same, each set of documents uses a specific design language to create a unifying theme. 

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Monday, 08 August 2022
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