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Visual Scribing

Bringing ideas to life

Collaborate with a visual scribe to create real-time illustrations that live on long after the event is over.
Bring your key messages to life by collaborating with a visual scribe to synthesise the ideas and conversations of your live and virtual events into inspiring real-time illustrations.

About Digital Scribing

About Live Scribing

About Virtual & Remote Scribing

We connect remotely into live physical or virtual events via webcam or audio and capture the ideas and conversations from our artist's studio. Images can be shared in real-time via screen share or display mirroring. Alternatively, we can scribe post-event from an audio recording or video. Remote scribing is also great for bringing podcasts to life.

“Ludic Creatives is exceptionally talented in capturing the salient points of discussions in graphic format. We highly recommend.”

Professor Steven D´Souza, IE Business School

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