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Connecting online and offline communities. Sharing the big ideas of visioning workshops held in Switzerland from our London and New York studios.

#Remote Scribing
08 Case study

Q:How to capture the key messages of vision workshop in real time with an online and offline community?

A: Remote Scribing


A well known pharmaceutical company wanted the key messages of a vision workshop captured so all delegates could access the workshop's content. Whilst the workshop was to be held in a physical space, delegates could opt to attend online also.

The Solution

We collaborated with SmartLab who provided a real time online gallery that could share the big ideas with all the delegates. The online gallery was accessible in the workshop room (via a big screen) and also via tablets and laptops so the online delegates could also access the ideas and decisions being made. Dialling into the workshop, our scribes in London and New York were able to listen, capture and share the big ideas via tablet technology and the online gallery.

To discover how remote scribing can help global audiences collaborate and bring ideas to life contact us.

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