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Embedding learning.Capturing The Marketing Society's Annual Conference, London.

#Live Scribing
04 Case study

Q: How to share knowledge and embed learning across a conference of 400 people in an engaging, accessible and fun way?

A: Visual Scribing


This year, creativity was the DNA of The Marketing Society’s Annual Conference at the Royal Opera House. Keen for creativity to animate every aspect of their world class conference, The Marketing Society approached Ludic Creatives to explore how the conference could be documented in real time to engage, share and embed learning across 400 delegates.


The conference investigated how the power of creativity had been amplified by the new economy.
A series of talks explored this theme by looking at the ideas, approaches and next steps to unlocking the creative potential in organisations, teams and individuals.

The content and intention of these talks had been designed for delegates to discover innovative ideas as well as creative processes that would shift thinking and working practices. Because this was working at both an organisational and individual level, Ludic Creatives wanted to make sure that this two-part approach was supported in our content capture; documenting not only the big story and key messages of the conference, but also those moments that encourage personal insight.

The Marketing Society and Ludic Creatives agreed that the immediacy of visual scribing would be a great way forward. It’s accessible, great for ideation, easily shared in real time, and it’s fun. At Ludic Creatives, we imagined a huge mural that was like an information trail of the conference. On this mural (also called a knowledge wall), the content of the conference would be constantly living and would become an area that delegates could revisit in the coffee and lunch breaks.

We wanted the area to be open and friendly to encourage delegates to walk up to the mural, take out their mobile or tablet and photograph those sections that were personally insightful. We also thought that this could turn into a fun and informal networking space where the mural acted as a conversation point to recall and share ideas with other delegates.

The Solution

Ludic Creatives set-up an accessible 2m x 4m drawing wall in the main area of the conference room. We created the mural in real-time so the big story of the conference emerged minute by minute. As the speaker’s delivered their speech, we listened and drew it. Our visual scribe, Gaz, captured the big picture of the event in four parts so knowledge could be scaffolded according to the structure of the conference. Ahead of the conference, we also created a welcome banner that was introduced in the opening section of the conference to create a link between the conference platform, the delegates and the mural we were creating.

At Ludic Creatives, we’re a friendly lot and this helps us create an approachable work environment. As a result, the mural was very well attended, pointed at, photographed, conversations started and we hope friendships forged. Many of the delegates walked away from the conference with a visual reminder on their mobile or tablet that would help signpost the way to unlocking creative potential.

The day after the event we turned the 2m x 4m mural into a digital format for posting on the conference’s website for download. This now meant that the conference’s content was living on mobiles, tablets, a central online dashboard and it was being tweeted, facebooked and pinned. It was completely accessible and continued to bring the ideas of the conference to life long after it had finished. Or as one delegate tweeted, “Just brilliant.”

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