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Promoting big ideas. Capturing the FEI Conference in Vienna, Venice, Frankfurt and Boston.

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02 Case study

Q: How to promote big ideas to a global audience that starts a buzz around content?

A: Live Visual Scribing and a Rich Picture.


EY had been invited as subject experts to present on the main stage of the FEI international conference.  Their topic was innovation. They wanted to use visual scribing to help create a buzz and share their ideas to a global audience in an engaging and fun way.

The Solution

A takeaway: On the morning of the conference, the scribe, Gaz, worked alongside EY's key speaker to create a rich picture that illustrated the speech.  The rich picture was hand drawn and then digitised to create a conference handout.  Over lunch  the handout was printed.  After the speech was presented in the afternoon session, each delegate was given the visual handout as a takeaway.  Engaging, fun and informative, the takeaway captured the key messages of the speech and quickly became one of the coolest assets of the conference. 

Real Time Capture: The scribe also captured the speech live on stage to form a visual link to EY's tradeshow booth.  At the booth, Gaz captured the conversations and later on, also the networking event.

Visual scribing helped create a buzz around EY's content at the event.  As the FEI conference was international, the audience was diverse.   One of the big benefits of visual scribing is that it creates a common language in a diverse group, enabling ideas to be more easily shared.  As a result of creating this commonality, and scribing being fun, friendly and engaging, we were asked to scribe more key speeches at the conference.

To discover how scribing can engage global audiences and bring your ideas to life, contact us.

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