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Enabling creative excellence. Capturing a Vision Workshop, South of France.

#Live Scribing
01 Case study

Capture the ideation of a vision workshop, enabling the Marketing Team of a major global drinks company to raise the bar on brand assets.


Ludic Creatives were asked to assist the Marketing Team to realize their creative excellence so they could be the very best they could be. We recommended a visual scribe because not only are they able to translate and synthesise the ideas, but their work facilitates and unlocks conversation, creativity and ideation.

The Solution

As scribing accelerates collaborative decision-making, the Marketing Team were able to work quicker, deeper and with greater agility when considering vision and brand strategy.

We scribed on all the available walls in the room, which meant that at the end of the process, the team could stand in the centre of the room and see the big picture of their ideas and discussions emerge around them.

Starting at Day 1 and through to Day 3, they were able to step into the future and walk the proposed journey of their global marketing vision.

Examples of the style  used:

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