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Q: How to keep an event alive after it’s ended and share the key messages with those who were unable to attend?

A: Event coverage and interviews.

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03 Case study

Create a 3-4 minute film using the footage of plenaries, breakout sessions and interviews from a two-day leadership meeting. The film should capture the spirit and atmosphere of the event, summarizing the achieved outcomes and key messages from speakers and participants.


We began by creating an open dialogue with the clients, asking them what the intended purpose of the event coverage film would be. We then became familiar with the event itself, going through the agenda with the client, section-by-section so we could plan how to capture the plenaries and breakouts in the least obtrusive way possible.

Anticipating the hectic nature of breakout groups, we selected equipment that would facilitate optimum efficiency and mobility in order to capture as much footage as possible across six breakout groups. With the agenda in mind, we created a schedule allocated time to interview participants without disrupting the flow of discussions or the events.

This schedule was shared with the client so we could work in tandem on designing the best approach of capturing the event. Before the event begun, we also had lengthy discussions with the client about key messages and made sure to study their design materials. Becoming fluent with what the client wanted to achieve over the event aided our ability to hone in and capture the most salient moments of the event. It also allowed us to design a set of interview questions that got to the heart of matter, allowing us to extract a narrative that would enhance the film.

Process & Solution

Arriving at the event, the filming process went smoothly due to our collaborative approach. The cameras were positioned discretely, so they wouldn’t distract participants, while offering the film crew a dynamic vantage point for capturing discussions. We successfully captured all of the pre-agreed sessions, collecting great coverage that would give us a lot of options in editing.

The interviews were a success due to our friendly approach and use of good questions that enabled great answers from the subject experts. The client appreciated that we filmed interviews during and after the event, illustrating how the two-days had succeeded in shifting mindsets and generating discussion.

With filming complete, we generated a transcript of the captured footage, crafting it into a written outline of what the final film would look like. This was provided to the client for their consideration and was quickly approved, allowing us to move forward with post-production.

The editing was a quick process and when completed, the film was paired with appropriate music that we’d sourced. The result was an engaging recap of the event which the client loved and used as a communication tool to keep the event alive, inspiring and influencing people, long after it had ended.

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