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Q: How to communicate a new set of values and behaviors across a large global organization?

A: Animates.

02 Case study

Create an animation for a global organization, reflecting their revised and updated values and behaviours. The animation will be screened at a global leadership meeting and later rolled out across all divisions within the organization, communicating the new values and behaviours to a diverse and global audience.


With the animation intended for a diverse audience that spanned multiple cultures and countries, we were asked not to use voiceover and keep onscreen wording minimal. They key was telling the story visually in a way that was in-keeping with the organization’s branding, ethos and new set of values.

In scoping the animation, we worked closely with the client across a series of meetings to understand the evolution of the organization’s values and behaviors. We then synthesised the points we had captured into a set of key messages that would form the spine of the animation’s narrative.

Due to the visual way we were asked to approach this project, we weren’t required to create a script. Instead we distilled the key messages into a series of bullet points, which we shared with the storyboard artist. Working with the artist, a visual narrative was developed that was illustrated in the form of a storyboard. The storyboard was presented to the client for review and after a minor iteration, it was sent to our animators.

Process & Solution

As the client has requested a clean look and feel to the artwork, we decided to digitally create the artwork as opposed to hand drawn. Our editor animated the illustrations, employing a variety of transition effects between images to create a dynamic narrative flowthat would take the viewer on a journey in lieu of a voiceover.

Once a cut of the animation was complete, we sourced potential music tracks and presented them to the client. Working in collaboration, we found an ideal track that complemented the narrative and the client’s brand. Paired with the visuals, the soundtrack brought the animation to life.

The animation was well receivedat the leadership meeting and the client considered it a big success. They proceeded to roll it out across their global organization where the universal visual language of animation successfully communicated their new values and behaviors across multiple languages and cultures.

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