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Q: How to share knowledge that engages audiences of all ages across multiple subjects and disciplines?

A: An Animated Scribe.

#Animation #Promotional
01 Case study

Oxford University Press (OUP) wanted to create a series of three online videos to promote a new publication of the American National Biography. Keen for a fun, vibrant way to engage with an online audience, OUP asked if we could help them bring to life American History in a creative and joyful way.


The short animation needed to capture the audience’s imagination and inspire further learning. The first video in the series was about the history of skyscrapers; Americas twentieth century feat of complex engineering. The intention of the video was not solely to promote the book, so an advert was simply not enough.

With this in mind the team at Ludic Creatives explored a few different animation options, including the ‘live scribe’ video, which involves filming a hand drawing on a white board from a bird’s eye perspective. Deciding that simplicity and control over the story was key, we agreed that a digitally animated Scribe style was the way forward because it allowed for greater control over the images in the editing process.

Process & Solution

The animation combined the multidisciplinary skills of Ludic Creatives. From scriptwriters and visual artists to video editors; everyone played a part in creating the story.

The first step was to explore with OUP the story they wanted to tell. Using decision by design, we were able to quickly understand what was engaging about the history of Skyscrapers and which parts of the story translated to visually stimulating elements. From this process, we co-created the first rough draft of the script. A few iterations later and the first storyboard was created by artist, Joel.

Once the storyboards had been through review we created the animation. First drawing the characters that would inhabit the world of the animation, and then working with, Kris, the animator, to build the flow of the story. After sign off, the film was released and enjoyed worldwide.

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