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Event Documentation

Capture a new way of working

02 Case study

One of the world's biggest soft drinks manufacturers invited us to document a three day workshop in real-time and create a high level event summary.


Using a small team of business literate writers who could process business content into engaging narrative frameworks, we created a website that summarised the event in real time, and in parallel rapidly built a high level summary document that could be shared after the close of the event.

A blend of business writing and journalism was used to create pithy and accurate summaries of each agenda item. Within minutes of an agenda item finishing, the event website was updated with engaging content that supported the learning journey of the delegates. After the first day of the workshop, the website emerged as the main content reference tool for the workshop.

In order to keep the content living after the workshop had ended, we ensured a rapid turnaround of the event summary by co-authoring the document with the Management Team during the workshop.

The result was content that was rapid, accurate and engaging.

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