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Brochure Writing

Engage and Onboard

01 Case study

Write a brochure for a major UK bank that communicates the re-design of a services programme in a reassuring and inspiring way.


To build the narrator and storyline of the brochure we got to know our audience by stepping into the workplace and listening to their stories – both from an individual and organisational perspective. From this process we quickly realised we needed to create a fellowship adventure story as it balanced difficulties and triumphs and put the team in the centre of the story.

Having found a story structure that humanised the systems and processes, we created a personal voice for the brochure that blended business journalism with the voice of the everyman and everywoman. 

The result was a piece of writing that was a companion. It explained the challenges ahead and how to navigate them, and it emotionally and intellectually engaged its audience, successfully aligning the team to the organisation’s change journey.

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