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Graphic Design

Graphic Design uses storytelling to translate complex systems, ideas and stories to diverse audiences in a clear and powerful way.  Our network of business-literate designers work alongside you to synthesise and transform your key ideas into an engaging visual story that connects and inspires.  Our clients have had great success when using our work to go viral, promote alignment, celebrate milestones or create roadmaps and future states that underpin organisational transformation.

Rich Picture and Infographics

Engage large and diverse audience in a change journey, a future state or a new system.  As our process is collaborative, we are often brought on board at the beginning of a large business transformation or a new project.


Deliver a detailed message by bringing to life systems, stories and ideas. We provide illustrations for internal and external communication projects, as well as reports, articles, speeches, books and magazines, product scenarios, eLearning and pitch presentations.

Interactive Design

Create intuitive web based designs that help your audience experience a journey, shape an idea together, or make knowledge personal.  From apps, websites and web portals, through to iBooks and online magazines, our user-orientated designs are meaningful, collaborative and engage global audiences.