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Rich Pictures and Infographics
If you need a story, process or complex idea conveyed simply and in an engaging way, then our Rich Pictures could be the solution.

A Rich Picture is a mechanism to explore, acknowledge and define a situation and express it through imagery. A rich picture helps to open discussion and to arrive at a shared understanding of a situation. They use visual metaphor, iconic graphics and humour to enliven and engage the viewer in the subject matter. They are distinct from infographics in that they tell a broad story, where an infographic conveys complex data sets in a way that is easy to digest.


We will work with you to define, explore and crystallise your ideas in order to create a bespoke image that conveys your message, in a style that suits your audience.

Scribe Style

The following are examples of Rich Pictures carried out in the Scribe style. This style is characteristically cartoonish, friendly and welcoming.

Graphic Style

These are examples of Rich Pictures carried out in the Graphic style. This style is characteristically colorful, sharp, modern and clear.

Diagrammatic Style

These Rich Pictures have been carried out in the diagrammatic style. This style is more schematic and technical and is useful for laying out complex and detailed information and plans. These images sit at the juncture between Rich Pictures and Infographics.


Infographics simplify complicated subjects and turn viewing data into a captivating experience. Our Infographics are visually engaging and transform large data sets into coherent, easy-to-digest images.

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