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Rich Picture

#Rich Picture
01 Case study

To communicate a complex finance strategy organisation-wide in a way that would engage their global audience of business professionals


With many senior finance managers in Vodafone having a stake in the image, we flew to Dusseldorf to meet and discuss the form the image would take. The first challenge was that Vodafone needed a powerful visual metaphor as a hook on which to hang the key points. Ideas for the foundation of the picture including trees, Formula One and superheroes were discarded until the idea of a ship sailing choppy waters emerged. We set to work to create a first iteration based on this idea which was then socialised by Vodafone.

The stakeholders gave us detailed feedback which was speedily incorporated, and the picture was refined through various iterations until the result you see here was arrived at. At Ludic, we believe a collaboration process is vital as it enables us to work with you to ensure your expectations are met, however complex and multi-layered they may at first appear.

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