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A powerful digital learning experience

#Interactive design
03 Case study

To create a powerful digital learning experience that was an introduction to mining for the more than 50,000 non-miners working for a leading mining organisation.


Working in close collaboration with the client and Imperial College London, we produced a highly interactive digital magazine. The magazine took advantage of the latest technologies to create an immersive and multimedia learning experience on iPad or a web browser.   Available in every country our client is present, ‘mining for non-miners’ brings to life every step of the mining process, from how mines are found, to the creation of a profitable mine, the products created and how the client is using state of the art technology to create more sustainable ‘mines of the future’.

The process used the full range of media-based transformation techniques.   Education experts worked to understand the learning outcomes and to design the learning experience.   Information and interaction designers created stimulating and engaging content and activities. Digital experts created the magazine platform to be available online or offline across the full range of Internet ready devices.

The app was created in html 5 and is available across all major platforms.

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