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02 Case study

A leading global bank wanted to communicate people management strategies to their business teams so they were supported and empowered to resolve work place challenges quickly and easily. The heart of the challenge was how to embed learning when rapidly communicating complex content to multiple audiences.


The human centered storyline of a cartoon requires the reader to follow a story by analysing the situation, understanding the character's emotional reactions (reading facial expressions, body language, choice of words) and the impact of the environment.

This process of decoding is akin to the decoding required for people management strategies. Therefore, by using a storytelling genre that helps shift the reader's mindset into the state and approach required to manage people, learning is accelerated and knowledge is embedded more deeply.


A set of cartoons were created as a discussion tool for a series of people management workshops that were rolled out across the organisation. Illustrating best practices and worst case scenarios, the characters and situations brought to life complex strategies by providing a simple human-centered framework that anchored knowledge. Thus, learning was accelerated as the barrier of text overload had been removed: Rather than a list of what to do, each cartoon became a map. This in turn inspired confidence to role play the strategies and engage people to implement the strategies. After the workshops had ended, the cartoons helped the content live on by becoming a reference point to revise knowledge.

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