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Visual Scribing: The Digital Frontier

Starting a buzz: how to embed learning by using the power of social media to engage global audiences and inspire new conversations.

This year, Ludic Creatives has been thinking long and hard about how visual scribing can adapt and meaningfully take its place in the digital world to help spread ideas, engage audiences and keep conversations going.

Visual scribing is traditionally done using the canvases of paper, foamboard, whiteboard or an office wall.  With these traditional canvases, it's possible to make the pictures digital, but the process isn't just one step. 

What we wanted to do was find a one step solution where the gap between creating the drawing and sharing it online was reduced from the next day, to the next hour.  Where delegates attending a conference online can still access the live scribing happening in the conference room.  And where a powerful image that beautifully captures an idea can reach beyond the walls of a conference room and engage with a global audience via social media in just a few clicks.

And why did we want to do this?  Because images help people unlock ideas, scaffold knowledge and enable sociability. They also help embed learning and engage people in storytelling on a wide scale.  Or as Twitter neatly states, tweeting an image can increase your audience's engagement by up to 35%:

Working in collaboration with our colleagues at Ludic Online we got passionate about creating a digital platform that supports the artist's creative process, provides the live aspect of scribing in the room and facilitates online content sharing.   We finally rolled out our idea in July of this year: 

Since launching Digital Scribing in July, we've supported the work of some brilliant thinkers including collaborations with EY, Social Media Today, IBM and Purematter.  

To find out how digital scribing can engage your global audience, take a stroll through our online gallery or say hello and ask us for more details:

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