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Unlocking Creative Potential

It's not every day Gaz, one of our visual scribes, walks through the doors of a world class opera house with pens in hand and asks where the walls are he's going to draw on.  But yesterday, he did just that.

Each year The Marketing Society hold their annual conference at the Royal Opera House.  This year it was called Creativity for Commerce and we were delighted to be asked to visually scribe it. 

The conference considered how the power of creativity had been amplified by the new economy.  This idea was explored through a series of talks that offered ideas and inspirations about how to unlock creative potential in organisations, teams and individuals. 

At Ludic Creatives, we're a creative lot. Because of this we found ourselves nodding our heads in agreement when the composer, Eric Whitacre, said that "single, simple ideas are key. The enemy is complexity."  And whispering an amen when film director, Richard Curtis CBE, said "always keep faith in your own creative idea."

As Gaz drew the inspirations and insights of the key note speeches, the big story of the conference evolved.  At the end of the day a much photographed and talked about mural was created.  We noticed that when people were getting their phones out to take a photograph of the mural, they were focusing on those ideas that had struck a deep chord with them. This made us smile. It was great to see people walking away with a visual reminder on their phone that would help signpost the way to unlocking creative potential.


After the conference had finished, the Ludic team continued the discussion and chatted about what it meant to us to be creative and the creative processes we use.  As you can imagine, our answers were varied.  For me, it's about playing - it's the only way I can start to see things differently and find the gaps where new ideas grow.  

This playful approach is also the reason why we are called Ludic Creatives.  Ludic means play.  So next time you feel creatively stuck, go play.  Ask yourself:  How can I play and have fun with an idea or situation? What could I add, remove, invert, combine, simplify, or put in the corner? 

For those who feel the need to shake up their thinking and get creative, we recommend this app.  Go give yourself a creative whack!  And remember...

“Those who approach life like a child playing a game, moving and pushing pieces, possess the power of kings.” Heraclitus

Insights shared by Louise from Ludic Creatives.

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