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The Viral Event

This past weekend, San Diego Comic-Con hosted the latest news and hype in comics, movies and television.

Warner Brothers treated DC comic book fans in Hall H to an exclusive sizzle reel of Suicide Squad, a villain-centric movie featuring new interpretations of Batman villains Joker and Harley Quinn among others.

7,000 people attended the Hall H panel.  And of those 7,000, a handful recorded the sizzle reel on their smart phones and shared it online. 

Warner Brothers quickly issued a statement expressing their displeasure at this turn of events.  The bad quality fan recordings forced Warner Brothers’ hand, who were concerned it misrepresented the movie, and their statement was followed by the official release of the reel in high quality.

Smart phones and YouTube have made what happened at San Diego inevitable.

There are two takeaways from this: 

 - Live events are a powerful tool for launching viral content.

 - Ideas and messages presented in live events can quickly be misrepresented after the fact.

Our solution?  Digital scribing.

If you’re hosting an event or conference, our talented scribes can capture your key ideas and messages in a format that is sharable among those in attendance and those following along on social media.

Digital scribing.  Go viral your way.

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