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Scribe Spotlight: Kevin

Kevin was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and is a freelance illustrator, animator and designer who has worked in a broad range of fields from film to broadcast to biotech and hi tech. He won an Emmy for his work on the CW television network and was one of the animators on the feature film A Scanner Darkly, directed by Richard Linklater and based on a novel by Philip K. Dick. He also produces the visual effects and motion graphics for documentaries like The Rape of Europa and When Giants Fall, the latter of which won Best Environmental Film at the Sedona Film Fest for chronicling the continued genocide of elephants.

He is currently working as a storyboard artist and motion graphics designer with various clients.

In his personal work, he distills the whimsical, tender, and mystical moments that manifest themselves in all ways and forms.

We took a few moments to sit down with Kevin and ask him some questions... 

A Q&A with Kevin

How did you get into scribing?

My mom is a facilitator and executive coach who would employ her friend, a scribe, to help with big vision graphics in workshops. One day, I took a look at the finished pieces and thought I could do it as well. I decided to sign up for a weekend workshop and become a member of a guild. Over time, I would get job queries from the nonprofit, tech and healthcare sectors. So much of this work is learned on the job itself.

What is your favorite thing about scribing?

Being an artist who works mostly in motion graphics and illustration in the digital world, it’s refreshing to not have an undo button or the time to over think concepts. It’s ultimately a practice in deep listening and being present, not to mention an opportunity to be playful as I was doodling as a child. As someone who strives to become a better storyteller, scribing helps to exercise the narrative muscle. As one participant once said to me, “You’re telling the story of our day together.”

What’s the most interesting scribing job you’ve been apart of?

The most interesting job was with an ad agency that pairs an improv comedy troupe with corporate clients to incubate ideas in the room through fun prompts and games. The spirit of improv is not only about being funny, but coming up with creative ideas very quickly, which can potentially lead to successful campaigns. Let’s just say the act of scribing itself was quite the workout, with a healthy amount of laughter!

What’s your favorite scribing work you’ve produced?

Recently, I got to work on a 3 day job with a major car manufacturer and the biggest tech company in the world. I had the opportunity to work with them before and because there was this natural camaraderie, the pieces I created felt more like a team effort, with a nice balance of play and strategy. When you have that energy in the room, all you have to do is go with the flow.

When you’re not scribing, what are you working on?

One of my passion projects is a picturebook I’ve been writing & illustrating. It’s about two children displaced by tragedy who find each other in the darkness.

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