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Rebecca Black Draws Her Life

Rebecca Black, unwitting 2011 pop sensation and singer of "Friday", has released a video where she tells the story of her life via drawing.  It's a more simplistic form of the kind of scribing-based animation Ludic Creatives can help you create.  As you will see not only do these animations use memorable images to anchor the story, they are also extremely impactful and pithy. 

As you no doubt noticed from watching the video, not only are animates fun and easily shared, they also use universally recognisable images to quickly tell a story.  You will also notice that in its 11 minute run time, Rebecca Black was able to impart a lot of information and create an intimate connection between herself and the viewer.  Animates are equally adept at achieving this in more corporate settings.

And if you want to reacquaint yourself with "Friday"...

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